Customer Service

we provide 24/7 online support and telephone support from 9AM-7PM M-F at 9538988826. We also offer a variety of support options on our web site.


• Individual SMS sending via a browser interface
• Batch sending of bulk SMS via our custom interface
• SMS Outbound and many more.

1 Lakh SMS Free

Purchase 10 Lakh SMS at 12 paise and get 1 lakh sms absolutely free. This is a savings of 12,000 Rs on 10 lakh SMS package. This offer may not last long and may be taken off anytime from our website.

Trial Package

Contact us for a trial package of 10 SMS. Trial Packages are activated normally in 1 hour


No. of Text SMS Credits
Rate per Text SMS Credit (in Paise)
1 Lakh to 5 Lakh
11 paise
3 Years
5 Lakh to 10 Lakh
10 paise
3 Years
10 Lakh to 20 Lakh
09 paise
20 Lakh to 30 Lakh
08 paise